Team FAST envisions a world in which sustainable energy is the standard, without having a negative impact on our society, economy and habits. A world where renewables can be used on a large scale without the problems of storing the energy, where all forms of transport can be sustainable. With the idealism and the ambition of young, talented students, we believe that we can help shape this future. Next to creating innovative technology, Team FAST wants to generate public awareness about our technology and support the transition to a new energy system, where in our technology can be applied on a large scale. To realize this awareness, Team FAST builds a system that shows one of the many possibilities for our system.

Climate change is currently one of the biggest issues of our society. The exhaust of greenhouse gasses, such as CO2 and NOx’s, are one of the main contributors to climate change the enhanced greenhouse effect . Our innovation is a smart solution which helps to reduce these exhausts and thus helps battle climate change.


Our goal is to prove that Hydrozine is a suitable candidate for replacing fossil fuels. We do this by creating a system that generates electricity with Hydrozine on any location. Convincing the world there is an sustainable alternative. With this project we want to inspire and challenge other teams to innovate towards a world where fossil fuels have no place. We believe in a future where different sustainable energy carriers will be used for various types of transport. A world where Hydrozine is being used for inter-city commute and freight transport.


Team FAST is an ambitious, multidisciplinary students team from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). We develop a sustainable technology with hardworking part and full-timers, whom all working voluntarily. A new catalyst developed at the TU/e in 2014 sparked the interest in formic acid as an energy carrier. This catalyst converts formic acid to hydrogen faster than ever before. A group of students used this innovation to successfully build a small model car which drives on formic acid. This success led them to believe it was possible to use formic acid on a larger scale. When formic acid is sustainable produced, it is called Hydrozine. Our dream is that Hydrozine, sustainable produced formic acid, will be a conventional energy carrier.


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